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Welcome to the homepage of Adaptive Networks and Control Lab (CAN Lab) 🙂

Introduction of our lab
Affiliate: Adaptive Networks and Control Lab (CAN), Department of Electronic Engineering, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Address: Room 405, Henglong Physics Building, No. 220 Handan Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, China, 200433 (中国上海杨浦区邯郸路220号恒隆物理楼405室 邮编: 200433)
E-mail: can@fudan.edu.cn
Phone: +86 21 65643998
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research news of our lab
new⇒ Available Positions of Post-Doctorate 2017
new⇒ CALL FOR PAPERS: IEEE Trans. on Network Science and Engineering Special Issue on Network of Cyber-Social Networks: Modeling, Analyses, and Control (Manuscripts due: February 1, 2018)
1. Prof. Xiang Li has been included in Elsevier’s 2017 “Most 5ited Chinese Researchers (中国高被引学者)”
2. 李翔教授入选国家“万人计划”领军人才
3. 李翔教授入选“2017上海领军人才培养计划”
4. 李翔教授主持课题获国家自然科学基金重点项目获批立项
5. 《自然·通讯》刊发我研究室重构时效网络的突破性成果
6. 陈关荣老师开展讲座《漫谈如何写好一篇英文科技论文》并参加研究室毕业生答辩工作
7. Phys.org featured CAN’s familiar stranger identifier work published in EPL 2016
8. 童东兵博士课题获国家自然科学基金面上项目立项支持
9. HOU Baoyu has been awarded CCCN Best Student-Paper Award, 2016, Shanxi
10. <TCCT 通讯(2016年第9期)>”控制学人”介绍–李翔教授
11. 李聪博士课题获国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目立项支持
12. 李翔教授入选Science Bulletin”最具贡献作者”
13. 李翔教授成为复旦大学专用集成电路与系统国家重点实验室固定成员
14. 余星火教授复旦大学顾问教授授证仪式暨学术报告会20160322
15. 李翔教授入选科技部2015年创新人才推进计划——中青年科技创新领军人才
16. 我实验室所在课题组荣获2015年度国家自然科学奖二等奖

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selected publications of our Lab

    1. Dong, Zhao, Xiang Li, and Wei Chen. Frequency-network analysis of heart rate variability for obstructive apnea patient detection. IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2017, accepted.
    2. Xiaojie Li, Cong Li, Xiang Li, Minimizing social-cost of vaccinating network SIS epidemics,IEEE Trans. Network Science and Engineering,  2017, accepted.
    3. Pengchun Rao, Xiang Li, Pacemaker-based global synchronization of Kuramoto oscillators via distributed control,  IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-II, 2017, accepted.
    4. Changbing Tang, Ang Li, Xiang Li, Asymmetric game: a silver bullet to weighted cover of networks, IEEE Trans. Cybernetics, 2017, accepted.
    5. Baoyu Hou, Xiang Li, Guanrong Chen, The roles of input matrix and nodal dynamics in network controllability, IEEE Trans. Control of Network Systems, 2017, accepted.
    6. Yiqing Zhang, Xiang Li, Athanasios V. Vasilakos, Spectral analysis of epidemic thresholds of temporal networks, IEEE Trans. Cybernetics,  2017, accepted.
    7. Jingyuan Zhan, Xiang Li, Cluster consensus in networks of agents with weighted cooperative-competitive interactions,  IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-II, 2017, accepted.
    8. Quan Yuan, Jingyuan Zhan, Xiang Li, Outdoor Flocking of Quadcopter Drones with Decentralized Model Predictive Control, ISA Transactions, 2017, 71, 84-92.
    9. Pengchun Rao, Xiang Li, Maciej J. Ogorzalek, Stability of synchronous solutions in a directed Kuramoto-oscillator network with a pacemaker, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-II, 2017, 64(10), 1222-1226.
    10. Jingyuan Zhan, Xiang Li, Consensus in networked multi-agent systems with stochastic sampling, IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems-II, 2017, 64(8), 982-986.
    11. Xun Li, Xiang Li, Reconstruction of stochastic temporal networks through diffusive arrival times, Nature Communications, 2017, 8, 15729.
    12. Peng Yao, Baoyu Hou, Yujian Pan, Xiang Li, Structural controllability of temporal networks with a single switching controller, PLoS ONE, 2017, 0170584.

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research fields we concern
1. Temporal Networks and Social Network Mining
2. Epidemic Dynamics
3. ECG (Electrocardiography) Analysis
4. Synchronization and Coordination of Complex Networking Systems
5. Controllability and Control of Complex Networks
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a collection of datasets obtained through the Campus Wi-Fi System in Fudan University, Shanghai, China
FudanWiFi09: this dataset was collected by Fudan WiFi project, with support from Fudan Univeristy.
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leisure activities of our lab
1. 欢送2017届毕业生
2. CAN2017新年聚会
3. 李聪老师荣获上海市自动化学会2015年度年”摄影活动”一等奖

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member list and introduction
1. Faculty: Prof. Xiang LI (李翔),  Dr. Cong LI (李聪), Dr. Hui-Liang SHANG (商慧亮), Bo-Chun WU (武博淳), Dr. Dong-Bing TONG (童东兵)
2. Students: Jie-Ning WU (吴洁宁), Da-Peng HUANG(黄大鹏), Rong-Rong KANG(康蓉蓉), Jorge Peña Queralta (霍子恒), Han WU(吴晗), Yuan ZHANG (张媛), Jia-Lei HU (胡佳磊), Xian-Zhe TANG (唐贤喆), Yuan GAO(高源)…
3. Alumni & Alumnae: Dr. Xun LI (李逊), Dr. Jing-Yuan ZHAN (詹璟原), Chang-Yu GAO (高常宇)…
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Visited Researchers
Visited Researchers and invited speakers
Prof. Mario di Bernardo 2016, Prof. Xiao-Fan Wang (汪小帆) 2016, Prof. Piet Van Mieghem 2016, Dr. Gang Yan (严钢) 2016, Dr. Hui-Juan Wang (王慧娟) 2016, Dr. Michele Starnini 2016, Dr. Michael Z. Q. Chen (陈志强) 2015, Prof. Yu-Geng Xi (席裕庚) 2015, Prof. Wei Lin (林伟) 2015, Dr. Ling Shi (施凌) 2015, Dr. Lin Wang (王琳) 2015, Prof. Rong-Zhi Hai (荣智海) 2015, Prof. Guan-Rong Chen (陈关荣) 2015, Prof. Frank Schweitzer 2015, Prof. dr. Henk Nijmeijer 2015, Prof. Jin-Hu LV (吕金虎) 2014, Prof. Xing-Huo YU (余星火) 2014, Prof. Long-Bing CAO (操龙兵) 2014, Prof. Wallace TANG (鄧榤生) 2014, …
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